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No minimums or contracts

Most AdWords firms specialize in large businesses. They want businesses that can afford to spend thousands per month on paid search. We accept all budgets.
We’re small business friendly. No budget is too low. We are confident that your return on investment with Google AdWords PPC will result in ongoing and higher PPC budgets.

We're AdWords Specialists

For the beginner, setting up and managing a PPC campaign can be challenging, result in poor performance, and low ROI. You are competing against professional ad placers.
Newbies to pay-per-click often make the same mistakes: too many keywords, only one ad group, not enough ads, bad ad copy, and no use of advanced features like ad extensions, conversion tracking, or remarketing.

Coupon offers

If you've never advertised before with Google AdWords, we can provide a $150 in Google AdWords ad credit when you spend $25. It helps you off to a good start.

Former Manager of

From the 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park Fire through to 2010, David E. Fowler was the General Manager of He took Castanet from a struggling money losing venture to the traffic and financial success that it has become.  Prior to Castanet, Fowler set-up and ran Kelowna’s largest dial-up Internet Provider, Silk Internet. Marketing Kelowna businesses online has been his speciality since 1995.

years experience

Why Use AdWords?

  • You only pay for performance.
  • You set the budget to control costs.
  • Target marketing – no waste.
  • Shows results quickly.
  • Can inform other marketing efforts.

Let’s Take This to the Next Level

You know a bit about us, now we’d like to know find out a bit about your business and if we think we can help!





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