Social Media Marketing Management

The Challenge

  1. Your colleagues and the business press all tell you to get on with social media marketing to generate leads and traffic to your website.
  2. You received a negative review on your business in social media and you are just finding out about it now.  How do you find out more quickly?  How do you respond?
  3. You just don’t have the time to learn and deal with the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing.


The Service – Social Media Marketing Management

Rosarnach will review your current social media marketing, overall objectives and devise a strategy based on research and tangible return on investment (ROI).  We will set-up or optimize your existing social media accounts and post regular updates, marketing messages, and respond to your followers’ questions and customer service related issues to keep your brand’s image positive.

Most businesses will need a LinkedIn company page for recruitment and Facebook page for general marketing.  But do you need a Twitter account?  Do you need a presence on Pinterest?  Every business is different.  We’ll ensure that your social media marketing strategy is sound and that the time and money put into it justifies its existence.

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