Victoria’s Google Ads® Pay-Per-Click Experts

No Minimums or Contracts

Most Google Ads® PPC agencies specialize in large businesses. They want businesses that can afford to spend thousands per month on paid search. We accept all budgets.

We’re small business-friendly.  No budget is too low.  We are confident that your return on investment with PPC will result in ongoing and higher PPC budgets.

We're Google Ads® PPC Specialists

Setting-up and managing an effective Google Ads® PPC campaign is complex, and not something that business owners or web designers can quickly or easily master.

Newbies to pay-per-click often make the same mistakes: too many keywords, not enough ad groups,  not enough ads, bad ad copy, and no use of advanced features like ad extensions, conversion tracking, or remarketing.

Small Business Friendly

Our rates were developed with small businesses in mind. We also provide a $600 in Ads® PPC coupon credit for new clients.


Knowledgeable, friendly, affordable, and local

PPC Solutions is a boutique Google Ads® PPC agency in Victoria, BC where you always deal with the same person – a business owner like you who cares about attracting new clients and keeping them happy.  With 21 years of online marketing experience, you aren’t making any compromises by choosing us.

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Why Use Google Ads Pay-Per-Click?

  • You only pay for performance.
  • You set the budget to control costs.
  • Target marketing reduces wasted spend.
  • Can show you results quickly.
  • Can inform your other marketing efforts.