Website Update Service

Small Website Updates

No website update is too small.  We charge a flat rate of $95/ hour (billed monthly) to make whatever changed you’d like us to make to your site.  The minimum time billed is 15 minutes so small changes won’t cost you a fortune.

Website Programming

wordpress logoWe can troubleshoot existing issues with your website and add new features such as custome contact forms, shopping carts, chat boxes, review widgets, and more.

Our Place in the Web Design Market

Not Too Little

Poor Quality

affordable website updates

There is no analysis of your overall online marketing objectives. The web site is completely templated, often bland-looking, with little to no SEO optimization. These sites are billed at $100 to $1,000 usually performed by novices.

Not Too Much

Too Expensive

web design cost
A full analysis of your online marketing needs is done and the site is implemented with customized graphics, and programming. It is usually done by large design firms with multiple staff and overhead. Rates are $10,000 or more for a full site.

Just Right

Quality Outcome with Cost Effective Methods

reliable web designer
A full analysis of your online marketing needs is performed, but costs are kept low through the judicial use of modular programming and graphical templates. Rates are generally $3,000 – $5,000.

Our Process Makes Us Different

web-design-research-2All our web designs start with a meeting to learn your online marketing objectives. Every web design should have clear “call to actions” that are measured, reviewed and tweaked over time. For example, a real estate agent setting up a new website may wish for new listings and buyers to work with. Therefore, we’d want to make sure that every page makes a clear request to the site visitor to use the “contact us” form to make those connections. In the back-end, we’d track the number of visits to the contact us form and how many people actually filled out the form.
google-keyword-plannerGoogle Keyword PlannerWhen a website is being designed, one has to know what search engine terms people are using to try to find your site. For example, keyword research with tools like Google Keyword Planner might identify that more people search for “Victoria real estate” than “Victoria homes for sale”. Therefore we may then wish then to ensure that the web design only contains the term “Victoria real estate” . Alternately, we may see from a competitive analysis that “Victoria real estate” is such a competitive term to rank for in the search engines that it would be better to attract more visitors by instead optimizing the site for “Victoria homes for sale” if few other companies were optimized for that term. Strategizing web design upfront is key to the site’s success.
web-design-victoriaNext, we need to determine what content the web design ought to have to meet your objective. A site map and menu structure is determined. Often, generating the content can be the most time-consuming part of a new web design as business owners must reflect and forward marketing material for the designer to work with. The web designer can make assumptions on your behalf, but the best outcome arises when the information comes from you – the expert in your business’s field.