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David E. Fowler

PPC Solution’s owner is David E. Fowler David E. Folwer on LinkedIn, B.A., B.Ed. David is Google Ads Search certified.  That means that he passed an annual Google Ads exam with a passing grade of 80% or higher. To maintain his certification he must pass the exam again annually. To maintain PPC Solutions Google Partner designation, PPC Solutions must also maintain certain account performance and ad spend levels.

David has been in the online marketing business since 1995 and has a wide array of experiences to draw upon to make your online marketing campaign successful.  In the past, David managed web site hosting and DNS services as the manager of the largest dial-up internet access company in Kelowna in the 1990s.  David also set-up and successfully operated an online newspaper, Castanet.net, where display ads were the only income for the company.  David has the experience and know-how to optimize your online marketing budget.  Learn more about David on his LinkedIn profile.

David E. Fowler PPC Expert

Career Highlights

  • Started a dial-up internet service provider in 1995 and quickly grew it to be the largest in town, selling it at the height of the dot com boom in 2000.
  • In 2003 made headlines with his unprecedented online coverage of Kelowna’s 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park Fire  David provided 24/7 news and updates on the fire on a blog. David’s efforts were widely recognized and credited as being a core part of the emergency response to the fire. The City recognized David’s efforts by having him accept the thank you award on behalf of the city’s media.
  • From 2003 – 2010 David took the reigns of a struggling, hyper-local, online newspaper Castanet.net and turned it around to be a serious player in the local advertising market rivaling local newspapers. When David left the company in 2010 its margins were 25% and site traffic continued to grow.  Nine years later, Castanet was sold to Glacier Media Inc. for $22 million.
  • In January 2013, David was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal, by the Governor-General of Canada in recognition of his volunteer efforts.
  • Bachelor degree (with distinction) in Education
  • Bachelor degree in Sociology and Political Science (double major)

Aidan Collier

Aidan Collier has been working in online marketing since 2018 with experience in content marketing, copywriting, paid advertising, and SEO. This includes working with numerous platforms, including Google Ads, WordPress, and YouTube. 

Aidan holds certifications in Google Analytics, Search Ads and Display Ads. 

In addition to his marketing experience, Aidan also brings knowledge and expertise from his previous years working in education and academia. This work has helped to enhance both his writing and data interpretation skills. 

Career Highlights

  • Set up and managed dozens of successful Google Ads campaigns
  • Achieved numerous first page, #1 position, and featured snippet positions for content that he has created
  • Taught at the University of British Columbia, the University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University, and Silla University in Korea
  • Two graduate degrees in Philosophy
Google Ads certified professional badge

Our Principles

Research Comes First

Online strategy isn't guesswork

Track Everything

To monitor progress and goals

Do Not Reinvent The Wheel

Great inexpensive tools exist

Stay Accountable

Regular updates and reviews

Under-promise and Over-deliver

No one likes to ever be let down

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Research Comes First

We don’t assume you “just need a better web page”. Our priority is to identify what your objective is and suggest the strategies to achieve it. Perhaps you want more clients or a different type of client. Perhaps you want to be moving some of your customer services to the web to reduce cost and increase client access. We will qualify what it is that you want to get out of your internet marketing, then research and present a plan to meet those goals. Sometimes our plans are a simple tweak to the SEO on your site. Sometimes it is a Google Ad Words campaign with some targeted landing pages. Sometimes it is a full web design. The client’s objectives determine our prescription. Every client’s situation is unique.

    Track Everything: This is Science

    Internet Marketing is unique compared to other marketing mediums in that impressions, clicks and other online behaviour can be tracked in real-time. Tracking takes the guesswork out of marketing and turns it into science. Your online marketing initiative should show tangible ROI or it is not worth pursuing.

      Do Not Reinvent The Wheel

      Internet programming has been modularized. Content Management Systems like WordPress and its huge library of plugins allow you to quickly add features that years ago would have meant custom programming at a significant expense.

        Done is Better than Perfect

        We subscribe to the MVP approach to our projects. MVP = Minimal Viable Product. We have learned the hard way ourselves and witnessed others get hung up on making a project “perfect” while costs balloon and timelines are missed. The big picture objective is paramount. Marketing must more than pay for itself and that requires discipline.


          We believe in clear open lines of communications and accountability to our clients. That is why we use the Basecamp project management system. It allows us to post your project to do list and for you to comment on and review where we are at any time. The system will send you daily updates on where we are at and what we are working on.

            Long Term Relationships

            Our desire is to have a long-term ongoing relationship with each of our clients that gives them the demonstrable results they seek. We only propose win-win affordable strategies that meet client needs as opposed to a costly oversell “go big or go home” approach that sacrifices a long-term relationship.

              Under-promise and Over-deliver

              No one likes having their expectations built up only to have them not delivered on. It isn’t conducive to long-term relationships. Our approach is to be realistic and understated.

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