Pay-Per-Click Campaign Set-up Fee

While large pay-per-click firms have minimums and contracts, we don’t.  We are confident that you will be happy with the Return on Investment (ROI) in your online advertising campaign that we don’t need to handcuff you.

We also work on a simple fee-per-service basis. We don’t demand a percentage of our total ad buy.  As a fee per service provider, you can trust our advice on your ad budget without worrying that we are trying to increase your ad buy for our own purpose.

If after discussing your online needs with you, we feel this package will not meet your needs, we will gladly custom quote you.

Reporting and Optimization Packages

Our fees cover the set-up of the campaign and first month optimization and reporting.  At that point you will need to assume control of the account yourself, or choose to have us continue to review, optimize and report on the account on the following basis.

Google AdWords or Bing Ads

  • Includes:  full campaign set-up
  • Includes: 50 keywords, 10 text ads 
  • Includes: Ongoing monthly reports
  • Packages beyond the scope above are charged at $85 per hour

Cost of Advertising is Extra

The pay-per-click (PPC) provider such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads will charge you their own fees directly on your credit card.  Invoices and receipts are available from the provider by logging into your PPC account with them.  Alternately, we can email you their invoices directly at a cost of $5 / month.

How much should I spend on online advertising?

We have managed PPC advertising budgets as low as $100 per month for local businesses.  Once we’ve chatted with you about the products or services you offer, your service area, and marketing goals, we’ll be able to suggest a budget that will work for you.  The cost-per-click varies widely among different business sectors.

Helpful Links

Successful businesses spend at least 17% of their marketing budgets on online advertising. (Source: IAB, October, 2011)
Franchise SMBs To Spend 1/2 Of 2015 Ad Budgets Online (Source: WebProNews, February, 2015)
33% of SMBs to increase Online Display Marketing Budget in 2015 (Thrive Analytics, 2015)

Google AdWords Coupon – Get $100 in ad credits when you spend $25.

When you sign up, we can generate a coupon from Google for you using our Google Partners account. Usually the coupons provide a $100 credit once a minimum of $25 is spent with Google.  We can also generate Bing/Yahoo ad coupons.  In 2016 Facebook Ads formally discontinued coupons.